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Aiming with a Steyr AUG by CzechBiohazard

Vision: The angle of the shot COULD be better, but this angle is simply and awesome in that hides your face from view (adding a hint of mystery to your shot).

Originality: While the number of pictures of people holding weapons only goes up, the number of people utilizing the weapons well and uniquely (I see your AUG lacks a grip, which is something I love seeing, because the grips are so mainstream) is a number that ticks by in hours, whereas the number of shots in total go by in seconds.

Technique: What I love most about this picture, is that you're purposely hiding your face from the shot, most notably your eyes. This strips your self from the shot, instead of this being a picture of Czech, this could be anybody. Even the person looking at the shot. And once again, I love your gripless AUG.

Impact: The impact of the shot isn't the highest, but this in and of itself is a good thnig, as the point of camouflage is to try to not be seen.

Side note: I find it cool that the pattern of camo on your jacket matches that of the Mercs faction in BOII.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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